Surfing, Health and Fitness, and More by John Clemenza

For John Clemenza, having a healthy mind and body should be everyone’s top priority. He believes that one’s well-being should always start from the inside and that having a healthy mindset will reflect outwards to make you mentally, physically, and emotionally fit. Suffice it to say, John Clemenza says, that when your inner well-being isn’t taken care of, sooner or later, the effects will manifest physically.

John Clemenza is more than just an avid surfer; he aims to go pro one day. He began surfing at the age of seven and has participated in a number of amateur competitions. Despite having a busy schedule (he’s a full-time student and a part-time worker at a smoothie station), he makes it a point to surf at least five times per week. He knows that if he wants to keep up with the competition, he should practice as often as possible. And since he’s aiming to join the professional league, he knows that every day spent out of the water is a day spent without getting any closer to his goal. That’s how determined he is.

But John Clemenza also knows that practicing alone won’t get him on the professional surfing circuit. He must be mentally and emotionally fit as well. Succeeding in any sport, in his opinion, requires equal parts skill, talent, and mental agility. When you’re out there competing with others who are as good or even better than you, the whole sport becomes a mental game. Physical and mental preparation is, therefore, a key factor in succeeding in the sport that he has chosen.

With that said, the reader can expect posts about surfing and health and fitness; most of which will be based on his personal experiences as well as his opinions, while the rest will be based on his own research.

New York

If there is one place that John Clemenza loves outside of his hometown in Oahu, Hawaii, it would be New York. The stark contrast between the lifestyles of both places interest and intrigue him. The vibrant energy of New York is contagious! He has visited New York a few times and immediately fell in love with it the first time around. He’s planning to spend his summer there—that’s his short-term goal. He eventually wants to live there. He feels that New York is where the action is; where anything and everything can happen. New York’s vibrancy makes him feel more alive compared to the laid back lifestyle of Hawaii,.

On that note, the reader may also read posts about New York from time to time. If you live in this wonderful state, he’d be more than glad to hear your stories about life there! Perhaps one day, you can connect with him, too; when he finally gets the chance to visit again. He hopes to hear from you!

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