John Clemenza All About New York

18-year-old John Clemenza is an amateur surfer who lives in Oahu, Hawaii. This native islander has big dreams and big goals. He hopes to someday join the ranks of his idols Granger Larsen and Kelly Slater; two of the world’s best professional surfers he looks up to and admires. But this isn’t the only thing that John Clemenza hopes to achieve. He also dreams of living in the Big Apple in the future, after he has reached his goal of becoming a professional surfer. While he is working towards his goal of becoming a pro surfer, he imagines how life would be like in New York City.

For John Clemenza, the contrast that New York City provides to his laid back life on the island of Oahu is something that he would like to experience all day, every single day—not just as a tourist but as a local New Yorker. When he first visited NYC, he immediately realized why it was called “the city that never sleeps.” No matter where he turned, it seemed that the whole place was abuzz with activities, regardless of the time of day. On that first visit, he tried to take in everything he could; squeezing in as many sights, attractions and activities as possible during his short stay.

One of the very first attractions that he visited was the Empire State Building. He patiently waited in line to get up the observation deck; eager to see the whole of New York as far as the eye could see. The sight of the Statue of Liberty took his breath away! And so, on the next day of his stay, John Clemenza joined a tour to Liberty Island and Ellis Island.

Over the following days, John Clemenza managed to visit Coney Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Rockefeller Center, Times Square, and of course, Central Park. Times Square and Central Park were two of the places that he frequented during his short holiday in New York.

With so much to see and experience, he felt that his New York vacation was simply too short! Going over his amazing adventure in New York in his head while on a plane going back to Hawaii, he made the decision to live in NYC someday. For now, he’s content with reliving his days in New York. Someday soon, he will become a pro surfer, and he can finally fulfill his dreams of living in New York.

These are what compelled John Clemenza to include a New York page on his site. He wishes to share more of his experiences with the reader, and at the same time, learn more about this great, big state with the help of his readers. On that note, he invites his readers to share with him their own experiences in New York. He would be especially grateful for information and details about NYC straight from locals.

If you wish to share anything about New York, you are welcome to share it here! Please feel free to get in touch with John at your convenience.