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November 7, 2017

John Clemenza is an 18-year-old amateur surfer who has participated in a number of competitions in his native island town of Oahu. As he hopes to go pro someday, he never misses a chance to train. In fact, he makes sure to surf at least five times a week. He also knows the importance of keeping physically fit, and as such, he is mindful of everything that he eats, and he also makes sure to do his daily fitness routine. If you’re passionate about surfing like him, or you would like to take up the sport someday, this page is where you will find tips and inspiration as John Clemenza shares his own experiences learning and honing his skills.

Before you even start learning how to surf, John Clemenza strongly recommends that you get your mind and body ready first for the exhausting tussle with the ocean’s waves and currents. You particularly have to strengthen your upper body as paddling out into the water to catch a wave can be pretty strenuous. Your mental agility is just as important because you’d have to keep your wits about to stay on the board while you’re inside the barrel. Remember that when you’re out in the water, it’s just going to be you and your board, which is why you’d have to be mentally alert because it could potentially save you from serious injury.

Also, before you hit the water, make sure to do a few warm-up exercises first; your body will thank you for it, says John Clemenza.

Here are a few other things you need to remember when you’re still learning the basics of surfing:

  • Learn from a professional and licensed instructor for your safety
  • It’s best not go out into the water on your first session, or even your second and third sessions; go when you feel confident about paddling out for the first time
  • You may not be able to stay on your board on your first few attempts, and that’s okay, says John Clemenza
  • Insist on learning on small waves first to help you get your bearings on the water while you’re standing on your board
  • Never surf without a companion who knows how to surf as well
  • Always check the day’s surf forecast
  • Be respectful of other surfers when paddling out, and never steal a wave
  • Keep learning; practice makes perfect

Surfing is meant to be enjoyed, adds John Clemenza. You may find it hard in the beginning, but once you’ve mastered the basics, there will never be a day when you don’t wish you’re out in the water, catching wave after wave after wave.

If you happen to be in Hawaii, John Clemenza invites you to check out the fabulous beaches in Oahu. The North Shore is, of course, the most widely-frequented surfing destination in Oahu—and all of Hawaii actually. And since you’re still a beginner, John Clemenza recommends that you head to Haleiwa Beach Park as this is the go-to surf spot for beginners. This is also where most surfing instructors take their students to learn.

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