John Clemenza on the Importance of Health and Fitness to Your Mind and Body

November 7, 2017

John Clemenza is an amateur surfer who aims to go pro someday. As a surfer, he knows the importance of keeping his mind and body healthy, because out in the water, you only have your physical strength and your wits to help you. But regardless of whether you’re a surfer or not, staying fit and healthy should always be your priority. By living a healthy and active lifestyle, you are enabling your mental and bodily functions to perform at their peak—two things that will make life easier and more enjoyable for you, says John Clemenza.

To further emphasize his point, John Clemenza quotes the American Heart Society below:

On mental wellbeing

“Regular physical activity can relieve tension, anxiety, depression and anger. You may notice a ‘feel good sensation’ immediately following your physical activity…”

On physical wellbeing

“Too much sitting and other sedentary activities can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.”

John Clemenza further notes that, according to the same article, adults who spend at least four hours per day glued to their television screens had an increased risk (about 46%) of dying from any cause and about 80% of the same had an increased risk of dying from cardiovascular-related diseases.

This information alone should be enough to get you off that couch and start doing exercises or any other physical activity that will stretch your muscles, because they are good for the mind and body.

If you’re still undecided about whether or not to change a few lifestyle habits, you should also know that regular exercises can help you shed off pounds, maintain your ideal weight, lower your blood cholesterol level, prevent high blood pressure, reduce the risk of bone loss, and improves blood circulation.

On top of these, regular exercises improve sleep quality, relieve stress and tension, and enhance your self-image. Once you’ve started your regular exercises, John Clemenza adds, you will find the activity enjoyable—and you actually look forward to doing them again the following day. Imagine doing something you love, and improving your mental and physical health at the same time! John Clemenza believes that it doesn’t get any better than this.

You don’t have to go the “go big or go home” route if you’re not ready. Taking small steps at a time is an effective way to get you started on your path to better health. If you’re fond of junk food, for instance, you don’t have to give up all of them in one go. You can start with skipping your favorite fast food joint or removing chips from your regular diet. You can also do a few exercises at home. There are tons of home exercises that you can find on the internet; choose those that interest you.

At this point, it would be helpful to start tracking changes in your mind and body. Do you feel much more energetic now? Do you find that you’re able to think more clearly, you sleep better, or you’re simply in a much better mood almost all the time? These could be the effects of your regular exercises kicking in.

If you’re eager to learn more, John Clemenza encourages you to bookmark this page to keep up-to-date with his latest posts.


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