John Clemenza’s New York State of Mind

November 7, 2017

If you were to ask John Clemenza where he would like to live anywhere in the world, his immediate response would be New York. As someone who has lived on an island all his life (he’s an 18-year-old amateur surfer who lives in Oahu), he longs for the hustle and bustle of city life. John Clemenza knows though that a lot of people would gladly trade places with him at the drop of a hat. While he is grateful for getting to live in a place where nature’s most magnificent backdrops greet you every morning, his inner adventurer longs for more, and in New York, he knows he’ll be in for an adventure of a lifetime.

Admittedly, when he first visited New York, he was a little “culture-shocked.” It felt like he stepped into a whole different dimension—a world of different cultures and lifestyles, and one that’s completely different from his own. After the initial shock, he soon fell in love with it. And he would’ve stayed right there and then had he the resources to support himself—and had he already gone pro in surfing, which is his ultimate goal.

So what made him fall in love with New York?

The skyscrapers, for one; and then the world-famous and iconic landmarks, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, and Brooklyn Bridge. To wake up every morning knowing that you’re practically a stone’s throw away from these is enough to make you jump out of bed and seek more of the adventures that only New York can offer—at least that’s how John Clemenza feels.

And to be in a place that is abuzz and alive 24/7, that’s something truly magical in the eyes of John Clemenza.

Like any other teenager, John Clemenza longs to carve his own path; to make his own mark in the world. And he feels that New York has plenty to offer him in this area. Once he’s gone pro, he plans to make New York his home base; it’s where the action is after all!

Since he is a strong advocate for healthy living, he made sure to always jog around Central Park during his visits. When he finally gets the chance to move to New York, he plans to make Central Park his own slice of fitness paradise.

He has yet to try the various cuisines in New York. During his visits, he only got to try some of New York’s famous foods: cheesecake, bagels, baked pretzels, and the famous Manhattan clam chowder. Since New York is home to diverse cultures, John Clemenza knows that it won’t be lacking in the food department. Greek, Italian, Mexican, Jamaican, Irish, German, and Asian dishes abound in New York!

New York remains a dream for now; but you can be sure that John Clemenza will be relentless in its pursuit. Join him as he reminisces about his days in New York on his blog page.


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